"SOME Magazine emerges from an urge to fight monotony with an experimental approach to the magazine industry thus we are constantly aiming for alternative options to delight our readers." - Joshua Cabezas [Editor-in-Chief / Creative Director, SOME Magazine]

SOME is an independently-published international magazine based in Puerto Rico.  The magazine is published quarterly in digital format.  We are devoted to fashion, art and design.  SOME is a reference guide for personal style and is expected to inspire rather than dictate.

Our objective is to end monotony by being spontaneous.  We want our readers to become self-conscious when establishing their personal styles and be inspired by everything that surrounds them.  We encourage people to pursue individuality and uniqueness.  We incite everybody to exploit imagination and to take risks when it comes to the creative process therefore we give our contributors the freedom an artist deserves.  

Our manifesto is: "Fashion is the art form and Personal Style the medium."

SOME Magazine is published by Some Publishing Group